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Your link will be tagged with a "Verified" next to it's name

Your ad program gets activated automatically after 1 blockchain confirmation, please do NOT close checkout page until that, otherwise your ad will be activated with a delay.

WARNING! Terms apply:

Please read below information very carefully:

  1. This option is not for every website
  2. Cheap credit cards / paypal / amazon gift cards scams with landing website will not pass
  3. Any CP, gore, rape and other shit will not pass
  4. Well-known scam escrows will not pass
  5. Any sort of BTC/ETH/LTC and other crypto multipliers will not pass
  6. Link catalogues, search engines that mostly promote cheap scams will not pass
  7. Any other website/service/shop/market that is a well-known scam will not pass either

Even if you've paid for the "Verified" tag it is still a subject of our approval. We will review it sooner or later, so be sure that one-page scam shit will not pass

If we notice that advertised service doesn't meet our requirement, the tag will be removed WIHTOUT any refunds. It would be a wise decision to leave us a message before applying for this kind of ad to save money

Some well-known websites with a positive reputation can be tagged for free, such as independent blogs, wikis, forums and other. You'd better leave us a message if are an owner of one of them

If we receive a significant amount of compliants about "Verified" website from our users, we will remove the tag WITHOUT any refund

Proceeding to the form below means that you are agree to the ALL terms above. No need to revenge if your tag will be removed - you have been warned

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This link MUST be in our catalogue, otherwise it won't work